środa, 9 stycznia 2013

574. The Karwendel

 The Karwendel is the largest range of the Northern Limestone Alps. Four chains stretch from west to east; in addition, there are a number of fringe ranges and an extensive promontory in the north.  The term Karwendel describes the part of the Alps between the Isar and Inn rivers and the Achensee.  Hermann von Barth created the tradition of naming the ranges after the valley limiting them in the south: Karwendel Valley, Hinterau Valley and Vomper Loch, Gleiersch Valley, Hall Valley, Inn Valley: Northern Karwendel Range, Hinterautal-Vomper Range (a.k.a. main Karwendel Range), Gleiersch-Halltal Range and Inn Valley Range (a.k.a. Solstein Range or Northern Range). Side ranges are the Erlspitz Group, Soiern Group and Vorkarwendel, Falken Group, Gamsjoch Group and Sonnjoch Group.

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